Monday, August 4, 2008

Replaced water inlet

Last time we took the Crown out I discovered that the water inlet had a real tight bend in the copper pipe so I decided that before we went to the Vintage Travel Trailer Rally at Pismo Beach I should replace that section of pipe.

So I went ahead and sweated a new section of pipe but this time instead of just bending the soft copper like they did originally, I assume it was the stock pipe, I wanted to insure we would not have any problems in the future so I added a elbow to the section. Anyways I have added a few photos demonstrating what I did, also because I did not want to risk taking the torch inside the cabin I went ahead and tried a Watts quick connect, which is a non sweat fitting, and it seems as if it worked great, so it could be a great solution for those of you who can't sweat copper, they come in all types of fitting and are good up to 125 PSI, at least it is what the packaging said.

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