Monday, August 4, 2008

Pismo Beach Vintage Travel Trailer Rally May 15/16/17 2009

My wife Carolyn and I talking to Gage at his camp site. Open house our trailer is being reviewed by others
Last week end we were part of the 2nd annual Pismo Beach Travel Trailer Rally.

There are a few photos of our camp and one of my beautiful wife Carolyn.

Here is a link provided by Margret of the Tiny Teardrop and trailer trailer website, who also attended this rally

And for your review here is some video that was taken by a local SkyRiver RV Sale and Service Business.
With the video there is part one and two so follow the link, hopefully they will add part three some day, we are only in part three.

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William Francis Ahearn said...

I have a similar trailer. Just acquired it built in 1958 but no brand/manufacturer shown. Having trouble with weight distribution. Tongue weight pulls truck down lifts front up. Photos available. Trailer rides not level, low in front. What is the best solution any ideas. Thanks. Bill