Monday, August 4, 2008

New Cushion covers 1/25/09

Well over this week end, I installed the new cushions, and added a interior door handle to help close the warped door, I also added a cable outlet on the outside and inside to allow us connection if and when a trailer camp offers cable TV.
I am alarmed about how bad the tiles on the floor looked after a few hours of working, so I went ahead and mopped and waxed it again just to buff it out again next week, I think it will end up being very difficult to maintain this floor, so we hope that once the work is complete the floor will hold up much better and need less maintenance. I use the tile that is normally used in schools thinking it would wear and maintain better, last week end I framed the windows with an added section of paneling to cover up the area that had water damage. I also reduced the size of the futon mattress because it was overhanging the area where the bed goes, so it will allow my wife an easier time when we makes it.

We are planing a maiden voyage, in May attending the Pismo Beach Vintage Trailer Rally on May 15--17th so I still need to complete replacing the ceiling vent, re-screening the rear window and adding a new brow over the window, and hopefully it will also allow me the time to do some additional roof repair, it does not now leak but I would not want to risk it. My wife still needs to make curtains and I need to hang them before May also.

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