Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sunday 8/17/2008 Screens replaced

When we got the Crown home we were surprised that all of the screens were all missing, we think it was because they had to be taken out of the trailer and taken apart .

Well this week end I took two windows out, the one at the kitchen at the left side and the one in the front, the first one I had a few problems adding the screen but I guess in the grand scheme of things, it is usable and will work for us a while, may go back in once we have gotten some use out of it, got it put back onto the trailer without any problems what so ever.
The front one was more difficult removing , it has a lot of water damaged wood in the frame work, and the skin had to be removed, that screen went on much easier and I was very happy with the results, I will have to replace some of the framework before reinstalling the window next week end if I have no problem replacing the frame wood that had water rot.

It was hot and I forgot to take some photos but I will be sure to take some before I do any work next week end.

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