Monday, August 4, 2008

Another screen replaced also added a 110 power inlet Sunday Aug. 24, 2008

Yesterday we drove to Oceanside to look for a camping location that we saw a few times taking the train there, the first one we found was not one we could get entry to being it was on the Marine Base, the next one was San Onofre, so we think this may have been the correct location, so we have another camping location we are now considing putting on our list of desirable locations, we seem to enjoy the Oceanside area, being we always end up returning there every year. Today, Sunday I reinstalled the front window after replacing the two side boards that had wood rot. We are now left with the rear window that we still need to do. The window must come completely out and taken apart due to the window arms [levers] that is used to open the window, it went back in OK, not as easy as the side one, but the result ended up being much better overall. I also installed a 110 power inlet being the one that was already there was not very safe, I connected it to the existing connections, We plan on adding a few more power plugs in the trailer being right now we have only two just below the light in the same assembly. Next Week end labor day we will be taking the Teardrop trailer for 3 days to Lake Skinner.

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