Monday, August 4, 2008

Completed & Installed the new door July 5 2009

Having the extra day helped me complete and install the new door I made, I was really surprised that even after I tested the door frame to insure that it was squared and insured the new door was straight, after the installation it did not fit correctly, so I can only assumed after more than 50 years of use the entry door area is off and has caused the problems with this new door I constructed. Either that or my craftsmanship is the worst ever. I always lean toward my lack of craftsmanship, but I guest being the new door is much better than the old, I can be at least happy with that.

I also did something different,being I was unhappy how the window stuck out to far inside, I decided to try my hand at tuck and roll upholstery. So I went to my local upholstery supply house and bought red imitation leather and 1/2" foam rubber. Overall it turned out OK, it did the job I needed it too, and blended into the vintage interior.

I installed new cab lock and exterior "L" handle as well.

I painted the entire exterior and even after lining out the white arc in the door I also discovered that it was not in the correct place , so I masked and repainted, next week I will have to repaint it a bit to line up the pin striping not that big of a deal will complete that task next week end.

I will also have to install new weather striping to create a better seal.

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