Monday, August 4, 2008

Crown door continue June 28 2009

Well today I continued working on my door replacement, I was very disappointed yesterday when I went to the local trailer supply store and they did not have anything I needed to complete the construction of this new door, so I was forced to use most of the parts that came off of it, none the less I was able to reattach the front skin, then I added bubble insulation into the voids of inside of the door, which I then taped up, from there I installed the side molding and finished it off to day having again to use the paneling that came off of it being I was unable to locate matching panel. Next week I hope to finish the door, first by adding the window and then repaint the entire door, as needed and hopefully I will be able to reinstall the door next week end, but then again only time will tell. I still have to locate and and panel molding to cover up the edges.

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