Monday, August 4, 2008

Roof vent 3/14/2009 & Sunday 3/15/09

This is a photo of our custom trailer decal that we will install on the rear of the trailer above the back window, it measures 16" tall by 14" wide

Today I was able to install the new roof vent, but due to the cooler weather I was unable to install the roof sealant, so I ended up adding silicone over each screw, and I had to cover the trailer with a tarp to protect it from possible rain. Next week end pending weather I will finish sealing the roof, I have also tried to fill in the paint over the rear window to install the new custom decal, the rolling of the roof sealant created a rough surface and to be able to install the decal I will need a slick surface.

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Well today I ended up starting the final major thing that I had to do with the Crown, removal of the old non working roof vent and plan to install a new one tomorrow. It was a real problem removing the old one, being the previous owner put layers of sealant over it and added many screws that I was unable to locate until I tried to remove it, it came out in a banged up disfigured lump of metal.

I made sure there would be a clean surface to install it I use my power angle grinder wire wheel, and it was very difficult because I was unable to put much weight on the top of the trailer I had to position my body so my weight over a larger area, so it would not dent in, but at least I have it ready to move forward on Sunday.

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